Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) is a mandatory committee that every employer is required to constitute within his organization to address the issues of sexual harassment. ICC at Don Bosco College, Itanagar, provides a safe and harassment-free workplace. In the case of the complaint, the ICC is solely responsible to investigate the matter without being bias. The ICC is required to be vigilant to redress the sexual harassment complaints and resolves the same. ICC is the sole authority to inquire about the complaints and make efforts to redress the same.


  • To ensure a safe environment that is free of sexual harassment.
  • To create a conducive atmosphere
  • To prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against women by promoting gender amity among students and employees.
  • To carry out programmes for gender sensitisation.
  • To create an atmosphere promoting gender equality and gender justice.
  • To conduct periodical programmes on women empowerment.
  • To provide conducive environment and congenial atmosphere for women.

Internal Complaint Committee

ICC of the Don Bosco College, Itanagar, comprises of the following members

1Presiding OfficerMs. Jasmine Kimsing Assistant Professor, Department of CommerceChairperson
2Three faculty membersMrs. Laxmi Rai Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce  
Mrs. Nabam Yassum Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science  
Mr. Samsom Mossang Assistant Professor, Department of English
3One non-teaching employeeMr. Neizonuo SuokhrieMember Secretary
4A member from NGO or a person familiar with sexual harassment issuesMepung Tadar Bage,
Member, Aruinachal Pradesh Public Service Commission. Former Vice Chairperson of Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women
5.Three Student nominees (if the matter involves students)1. Gichik Yalang, Female Student Representative (Captain B.A. Semester-V)  
2. Nisso Mekap, Female Student Representative (Captain, B.S.W, Semester-V)  
3. Nyali Nugri, Male Student Representative (Captain, Commerce, Semester-V)  


Minutes of Meetings

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