Information and Communication Technology is essential for qualitative improvement of an educational institution. Don Bosco College, Itanagar strives to improve the quality of education by obtaining expert knowledge from various corners of the world. The IT cell of the College has been constituted with an objective to create a speedy and rapid functioning of the administrative work and academic activities. The cell is working with the existing infrastructure and manpower. The cell is trying to foster the growth of the College by maximizing the usages of Information Technology.
  1. Equip the College with high standard ICT facilities.
  2. Make the faculty and the student community familiar with the latest developments of the IT facilities and the use of the same.
  3. To use the ICT and e-Learning facilities in the Teaching and Learning process in order to empower teachers and students with the devices of the Information and Communication Technologies.
  4. Greater transparency in the decision-making process with respect to matters connected with IT infrastructure development
  5. Savings in costs in the effective utilization of IT in the daily activities of the college.
  6. Resolving the issues of software rights /ownership
  7. Transparent process of procurement and allocation of its resources
  8. Facilitate College Campus with Wi-Fi facility
  9. Easy and safe access of information between students and faculties.
  10. To upkeep the Internet and Intranet facilities in the campus and maintain the College Website.
  11. To make Don Bosco College a digital campus.
  1. Good number of branded computers with latest configurations
  2. Laptops, Printers, Scanners of latest configurations are available
  3. Smart classes fully equipped with screen, projector, microphone, CPU and speaker
  4. Computer lab
  5. Auditorium
  6. Seminar Hall
  7. Dedicated Server with latest configuration
  8. LAN Facility
  9. Wi-Fi facility
  10. Licensed software’s
  11. Internet Facility
  12. Online and offline UPS
  13. The college has 1 e-library. The browsing centre in the library gives access to e learning materials.
  14. Computer Lab is inter connected using latest D-Link CAT 6 wires and latest switches
  15. High speed internet leased line connection
  16. CCTV: College labs and all key points are under CCTV surveillance
  17. Website:
  18. Email ID of the college:
  19. Biometric Machine for attendance
  20. Online learning facilities
  21. Digitized Information Access

The College committee on ITC shall consist of the following members

Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. (Fr.) Jose George, Principal Chairman
2. Fr. C C Jose Administrator
3. Mr. Francis Hasdak ICT Coordinator
4. Dr. Tagam Dabi Member
5. Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma Member
6. Mr. Luhish Lushai Member
7. Mr. Ashun Saul Golmei Computer Instructor
8. Mr. Scaria Computer Instructor
9. President, Student Council Member
10. General Secretary, Student Council Member


Don Bosco College Central Library 

Computer Lab