Students’ Welfare Body

The Students’ Welfare Body is formed by the students of Don Bosco College. This body is formed with the noble intention of catering to the needs and welfare of the students and the institution as a whole. This body acts as a connecting medium between the students and the authorities of the college.

The body is formed by the students on the basis of yearly elections, where the contesting members bearing strong influential characters and leadership qualities are elected by the students of each class as their Captains. Each class elects a boy’s captain and a girl’s captain. All the Captains together form the Students’ Welfare Body.

Student Council

The college has a Student Council elected from the Students’ Welfare Body. Council consists of members such as, the president, the general secretary, and leaders of several other sub- committees, who take care of various disciplines of work that are entrusted to them. Student Council plays an active role in organizing various activities in the college.

Student Council functions as a strong agent in bridging the gap between the professors and the students. They work in close collaboration with the teachers and the management.

Scope and Objectives

  1. The Students’ Council is elected from Students’ Welfare Body.
  2. They will work positively for the good of the college and the welfare of the students.
  3. They represent the students to the Principal and Management on matters related to the Students’ grievances, suggestions and problems.
  4. The Council will work under the supervision of the Principal and the Management.
  5. Any student’s welfare matters can be addressed to them and they in turn will refer the matter to the Principal.
  6. They will try to assist the student community in every way possible.
  7. They will also assist the College authority with matters of discipline; they will correct erring students and if the matter is serious refer to the lawful authority for necessary actions.

Student Council and Students’ Welfare Body of Don Bosco College, Itanagar, are independent bodies which have no affiliation with organizations outside the college. They functions solely for the college and is at the disposal of the needs of the college as seen by the students as well as the institution.