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          The mission of Don Bosco College, Itanagar, has been towards an Integral Formation of Academic Excellence and Human Commitment. It is with this in mind the Institution caters to the needs of each student not forgetting the commitment that has been promised.

          Mentoring and students connecting with faculty members is the most important part of  Students Academic Life. It would set up a healthy relationship between the students and the faculty. One of the aims and objectives of UGC for Colleges/Universities is the Mentoring System, which it defines as: “Mentoring takes place in the context and setting of universal human values. It gets the student to explore oneself and allows one to experience the joy of learning, stand up to peer pressure, take decisions with courage, be aware of relationships, be sensitive to others, understand the role of money in life, and feeling of prosperity etc. Human values as enshrined in our constitution like justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, human dignity and the unity and integrity of the Nation can also be part of this discussion. Focus should be on inculcating values of equality and responsibility towards one’s fellow citizens of any caste, class or creed. During discussions. issues and requirements of SC/ST/OBC students should be assessed and addressed. Mentor-mentee relationship can help students form a bond with faculty members which can be of great help during various tough times in courses” (“A Guide to Student Induction Programme”, UGC).

The following topics may be discussed during the Mentoring sessions:

  1. Student aspirations, family expectations
  2. Gratitude towards people helping me
  3. Human needs of (a) self and (b) body
  4. Peer pressure
  5. Prosperity
  6. Relationships

          Small groups with a faculty mentor each can be used for discussions and open thinking towards the self. Discussion on Universal Human Values could even continue for rest of the semester and not stop with the induction Programme.

          Besides drawing the attention of the student to issues of life and their role in larger society, it would build relationships between teachers and students which last for their upcoming 3 years and possibly beyond. It is important, therefore, that it be conducted by faculty members of the College, the ones who would teach them.

          Keeping these objectives in mind, students of DBC are divided into small groups under the guidance of a Faculty Mentor.  A Mentee is expected to meet the Mentor thrice a Semester and six times in an academic year. A Mentee gets one’s own Teacher as far as possible as the Mentor.  A log book is