Degree Course Established Year
UG BA History 2004
A. Detail of Courses :
Sl. No. Semester Subject code and Title
1 I BHIS – 101 : History of Ancient India (upto 1200 CE)
2 II BHIS – 202 : History of Medieval India (1200-1757 CE
3 III BHIS – 303 : History of Modern India (1757 - 1942)
4 IV BHIS – 404 : World History (1453-1945)
5 IV BSBC – 404(C) : Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh\
6 V BHIS – 505 : History of Indian National Movements (1857-1947)
7 V BHIS – 506 : History of North East India (1824-1947)
8 V BHIS – 507 : History of Europe (1453-1789)
9 V BHIS – 521 : Social and Economic History of India (1757-1947)
10 VI BHIS – 609 : History of Arunachal Pradesh upto (1962)
11 VI BHIS – 610 : History of Modern Europe (1789-1945 )
12 VI BHIS – 611 : History of USA (1776-1945)
13 VI BHIS – 621: India Since Independence
Sl. No. Course/ Paper Title Semester Code No. Course objective
1 Tourism in North East India (B.A. V Semester) BHIS(C)-501 Will be acquainted with Importance of Archaeology and boast with basic knowledge on Archaeology, which is closely connected to studying human past.
2 Introduction to Archaeology Don Bosco College (B.A. VI semester) BHIS(C)-601 The course will bring an understanding about Northeast Tourism: its prospects, constraints, opportunities and challenges in the region.
Programme Specific Objectives

Course Outcome

By choosing this programme the learner should be able to

  • Develop historically sensitive way of thinking with due regard to time, place, context, roles of human agencies involved and national pride.
  • The students are encouraged to think critically, analyze different perspectives and actively process information about the past rather than become passive recipients of singular historical knowledge.
  • Engage students critically with the major strands of historical scholarship in the field, available in secondary texts.
  • The students would obtain a fundamental grounding in some of the important issues that crop up in a historian’s reading and interpretation of primary sources.
  • Certain thematic courses like those on culture, gender, media and environment are designed to sensitize students to contemporary concerns and equip them with the theoretical foundations so that they can formulate and pose relevant questions to the sources.
  • Terminology befitting to our National context and our exploratory nature will help the students to articulate their own complex ideas regarding various themes in History.
  • Enable students to formulate cogent arguments, presenting the necessary evidence to establish these, based on a training in the History
  • Develop a sense of active citizenship, making responsible political choices and democratic conduct in public life.
Semester - I

Course: BHIS – 101  

Title : History of Ancient India (upto 1200 CE). Course Outcome
  • The students will be fully informed about the political, economic and social cultural practices during the ancient period in India.
Semester - II

Course: BHIS – 202  

Title : History of Medieval India (1200-1757 CE).

Course Outcome
  • Will generate the evolution of Turko-Afghan culture in emergence of Sultanate and foundation of Mughal empire in India until its disintegration.
 Semester - III

Course: BHIS – 303 

Title : History of Modern India (1757 - 1942).

Course Outcome
  • It furnishes the advent of English in India with their series of war and conquest to annex the princely states subsequently leading to British rule in India and the events of India’s struggle for freedom resulting to liberation of India in 1947.
Semester - IV

Course: BHIS – 404 

Title : World History (1453-1945).

Course Outcome
  • It will infuse the concept of rise of modern world with significant historical events in the world since the inception of renaissance to revolution period, unification of nation –states and the world between two wars.
Course: BSBC – 404 (C)

Title : Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh.

Course Outcome
  • Will be able to know the potential of tourism sector, historical monuments, places of interest and to promote the idea of Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh.
Semester - V

Course: BHIS – 505

Title : History of Indian National Movements (1857-1947).

Course Outcome
  • To acquaint the students about facets of Indian National Movement, to have a sense of patriotism and know the important legacy left by freedom fighters.
Course: BHIS – 506

Title : History of North East India (1824-1947).

Course Outcome
  • Will instill history of Assam in relation to the North Eastern states during colonial period (1826-1947) a transits period from medieval.
Course: BHIS – 507

Title : History of Europe (1453-1789).

Course Outcome
  • Will determine inclusive idea on the rise of modern Europe since the inception of fall of Constantinople, to rise of modern philosophers, glorious revolution, struggle for supremacy amongst nation states in Europe till the emergence of enlightened despots between 16th to 18th century.

Course: BHIS – 521   

Title : Social and Economic History of India (1757-1947).

Course Outcome
  • To determine the existing social issues and economic reformation taken place during colonial period in India.
Semester - VI

Course: BHIS – 609

Title : History of Arunachal Pradesh upto (1962).

Course Outcome
  • To equip the learners to have comprehensive understanding about pre-historic, medieval and colonial phase of the history and culture of Arunachal Pradesh.
Course: BHIS – 610 

Title : History of Modern Europe (1789-1945 CE).

Course Outcome
  • Will have precepts on the transition period in Europe with rise of French Revolution, Napoleonic era, rise of Nationalism and the Europe between first and second world war.
Course: BHIS – 611  

Title : History of USA (1776-1945).

Course Outcome
  • It unfurls the emergence of USA as a super power in the world after series of significant historical events taken place in America.
Course: BHIS – 621  

Title : : Social and Economic History of India (1757-1947).

Course Outcome
  • By completion of the semester the students will be able to understand various approaches of writing History.
Add On/ Value Added Course (Certificate Courses)

Semester V  

Title : Tourism in North India.

Course Outcome
  • The course will bring an understanding about North East Tourism, its prospects, constrains, opportunities and challenges in the region.
Semester VI  

Title : Introduction to Archaeology.

Course Outcome
  • Will be acquainted with the importance of Archaeology and boast with the basic knowledge on Archaeology, which is closely connected with the studying human past.
Faculty Recharging Strategies
Name Qualification
  •  Seminar  :
  •  Workshops :
  • Conference:
  • Invited Talk:
  • Editing:
Mr. Shivumso Chikro M.A., M.Phil, SLET
Name Qualification
  • Seminar: 3 attended
  • Workshop : 2
  • Editing: Nil
  • Books: 3 books for under graduates students
Mr. A.C.Ramganing MA, NET
Name Qualification
  • Workshops : 5
  • Publication: 6
  • Books:1
  • Editing: 1
Dr. Dusu Sambyo MA, B.Ed, Ph.D
Name Qualification
  • Seminar:
  • Workshop:
  • Publication:
  • Books:
Ms. Mudang Tuniya  Pursuing MA, MPhil., Ph.D.
  • State Level Seminar involving neighboring colleges.
  • Observation of important National and International Historical Events.
  • Department Library
  • Classroom with ICT facility
  • To encourage all the faculty members to get through the Ph.D. entrance and get registered for Ph.D.
  • To create opportunity for the registered members to complete their Ph.D.
  • To use smart classroom with IT facilities in teaching-learning process.
  • To have departmental library.
  • To encourage students to participate in inter-college and unifest literary events.
  • Exchange programmes for staff and students.
  • Annual educational excursions for students and staff to historical sites and monuments across the country.
  • Remedial Classes on all the papers.