Don Bosco College, Itanagar is celebrating 20 years of its existence. I look back with gratitude to God and to the people who nurtured this hallowed Institution for last 20 years. Yeoman’s service rendered by Fr. C.C. Jose, the founder of our College who is our present Rector, Dr. (Fr.) K.O. Sebastian SDB, the first Principal of our college and Dr. (Fr.) R.K. Nicholas Guangdiat SDB, the second Principal, and all the other Fathers, Faculty Members and supporting staff, have raised our College to what it is today. Our College has grown in every way and I salute everyone who played a role in it.

Don Bosco College, Itanagar, has been giving quality education from its inception. The scope of education cannot be limited to a mere preparation for a career. Education must aim at the cultural, spiritual and human advancement of the individual. Education must help the individual to become a useful member of his family and the society, and prepare an individual to face the challenges of the times. According to historian Arnold Toynbee “Of twenty-one notable civilizations, nineteen perished not from conquest from without, but from decay from within”. Therefore the quality of our life will determine also our future. Life is a series of choices and our choices are determined by our core-value system. If you want your life to be a melody of happiness, the choice is yours. Therefore make responsible choices.

Excellence is a term that is slowly disappearing from the dictionary of many people and mediocrity creeps in gradually. There was a time when parents and teachers used to groom their children for achieving the highest target, many at times detrimental to the well being of the children as well. The desire for excellence is slowly disappearing from the mindset of students in higher education institutions and mediocrity like a cancerous tumour eats into their lives. We need to reset our minds; excellence should be back on the track and mediocrity should be shunned. The task begins with us…its upto us to change…the teachers and students……the change begins with us……

Dr. (Fr.) Jose George