Degree Course Established Year
UG BA Political Science 2002
A. Detail of Courses :
Sl. No. Semester Subject code and Title
1 I BPOL-101 (E) Political Theory-1
2 II BPOL- 202 (E)  Indian Political System
3 III BPOL- 303 (E)  International Relations
4 IV BPOL-404 (E)  Comparative Political System
5 IV BPOL- 404 (SBC) Skill Based Course
6 V BPOL - 505 (M)  Political Thought – I
7 V BPOL-506 (M)  Dynamics of Indian Political System
8 V BPOL-507 (M)  Foreign Policy of India
9 V BPOL- 508 (M)  Public Administration
10 VI BPOL- 609 (M)  Political Thought – II
11 VI BPOL- 610 (M)  Contemporary International Relation
12 VI BPOL- 611 (M)  Political Theory – II
13 VI BPOL- 612 (M)  Government and Politics in Arunachal Pradesh
B. Add On/ Value Added Course (Certificate Courses)
Sl. No. Course/ Paper Title Semester Code No. Course objective
1 Basic Human Rights BA V BHR-020 The objective of this paper is to examine the development of the concept of Human Rights at different stages of human civilization, problems, violation and protection of Human Rights.
2 Bosconian Parliament BA IV BP-030 This course intends to instill the theoretical and practical knowledge on the working of Indian Parliament and to constitute similar model in the college known as ‘Bosconian Parliament’ to discuss some important issues related to our college or any burning issues.
DEPARTMENT: POLITICAL SCIENCE Programme Specific Objectives
  • Train the students in the subject and enable them to use the skills and disciplinary insights to critically examine, assess and explain political phenomenon.
  • This programme provides a solid foundation to the students who can take forward their learned skills and knowledge for higher research in the discipline and its associated domains
  • This programme engages students with relevant, ethical and normative questions towards building a better society; a free, fair, equitable, enabling and a just society to live in.
  • It would produce an active, participatory and responsible citizen strengthening the functioning of the democratic system.

Semester - I

Course: BPOL - 101

Title : Political Theory- I.

Course Outcome
  • The course makes the student to understand the basic ideas on political theory and its various concepts.

Semester - II

Course: BPOL - 202

Title : Indian Political System.

Course Outcome
  • It provides the students the overall idea on the origin and development of Indian constitution and its importance being a citizen of India.

Semester - III

Course: BPOL - 303

Title : International Relations.

Course Outcome
  • This course provides the detail knowledge and understanding regarding concepts and dimension of international relations and different theoretical paradigm related to international relations.

Semester - IV

Course: BPOL - 404

Title : Comparative Political System.

Course Outcome
  • The course provides various information and process of filling RTI, Consumer complain and various procedure of election in India.

Semester - V

Course: BPOL - 505

Title : Political Thought- I.

Course Outcome
  • This course provided the classical tradition in the political theory with a view to understand how the great thinkers explained and analyzed political events and problems of their times and prescribed solutions to various political and social problems.
Course: BPOL - 506

Title : Dynamics of Indian Political System.

Course Outcome
  • This course familiarizes the students further with some other dimensions of the working of Indian political system and its changing natures.
Course: BPOL - 507

Title : India Foreign policy.

Course Outcome
  • This course acquaints the students with the foreign policy of India, India’s relation with other countries and its contemporize perspective.
Course: BPOL - 508

Title : Public Administration.

Course Outcome
  • This course envisages the students to enable them to understand and analyses the role of Public Administration in the political society.
Semester - VI

Course: BPOL - 609

Title : Political Thought – II.

Course Outcome
  • This course gives idea to the students regarding Indian traditional and modern political thinkers and the relevance of their thought in the society.
Course: BPOL - 610

Title : Contemporary International Relations.

Course Outcome
  • This course provides wide range of Idea and information to the student regarding various events and issues in international relations including various international organizations.
Course: BPOL - 611 Title : Political Theory-II. Course Outcome
  • This course provides the students with the knowledge of the basic concepts and ideological orientations of various political concepts.
Course: BPOL - 612

Title : Government and Politics in Arunachal Pradesh.

Course Outcome
  • This course enables the students to understand the poitical dynamics of the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
Name Qualification
  •  Seminar  : 5
  •  Workshops : 1
Mr. Ayu Poupu  MA.
Name Qualification
  • Seminar : 7
  • Workshop : 2
Mrs. Nabam Yassum MA, NET
Name Qualification
  • Seminar: 5
  • Workshop: 2
  • Publication: 2
Mr. Namsidimbo Zeliang MA, NET, Ph.D.
Name Qualification
  • Workshop: 3
  • Publication: 1
Mr. Naorem Sumanta Singh MA, NET, Ph.D.
  • Offered 2 (Two) Certificate Course to Major Students.
  • Educational Tour to witness District Court and Legislative Assembly Budget Session.
  • Interaction with influential personalities such as Governor and Alumni.
  • Library Period once in a week.
  • Classroom with ICT facility.
  • Dedicated and integrated Faculty Members.
  • To encourage all the faculty members to register for Ph.D.
  • To conduct National Seminar.
  • To use smart classroom with IT facilities in teaching-learning process.
  • To have a department library with ICT resources.
  • To encourage students to participate in inter-college events and competitions.
  • Exchange programmes for staff and students.
  • Annual Study tours for students and staff to important colleges and universities in the country.
  • Remedial Classes