Clubs and movements are the life line of Don Bosco College Itanagar.  All the activities in the College are carried out by various clubs and movements. 

  1. LITERARY CLUB : This club encourages and promotes literary related activities such as debates, seminars, workshops, etc. Club members maintain a notice board on a regular basis under the title “Enkindler”.
  2. CULTURAL CLUB : This club keeps alive the culture and tradition of our State and our country by organizing various competitions such as singing, dancing, music, food fest etc.
  3. ART CLUB : Budding artists of our college form themselves into this club and look after all the decorations and stage settings for various programmes of the College. Various competitions are organised by this club in the course of the academic year to promote and encourage talents.
  4. SPORTS CLUB : Games and Sports club search, expose and develop talents in games and sports. Under the guidance of teaching staff this club organises tournaments such as Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton and other sports events. 
  5. RED RIBBON CLUB intends to promote voluntary blood donation and awareness programmes related to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.
  6. BOSCONIAN CHOIR has been formed to propagate good music and offer opportunities to the students to develop their singing talent.
  7. BOSCONIAN PROCLAIMERS proclaim the Word of God during the college assembly and other functions of the college.
  8. BOOK CLUB aims to promote love for reading good books and helps in steering the library of the College forward.
  9. GOOD SAMARITAN CLUB intends to organize monthly outreach programmes to help needy people in the locality.
  10. ECO CLUB focuses on the issues pertaining to the environment and instills in the students the need to save and protect our Mother Earth.
  11. MEDIA CLUB intends to form and train the students to handle print and Visual media through first hand experience.