1. Mentoring
    All the students of the college will be divided into groups of 30 each or more and assigned to a lecturer who will act as a mentor to the group. The mentors will follow up the students of his/ her group in every possible way – guidance and motivation, monitoring attendance, assessing performance in assignments/tests, etc
  2. Counseling Cell
    The college has a counseling cell. Counsellors will be available from time to time for students to seek help.
  3. Career Guidance and Placement Cell
    The Purpose of this department is to help students to identify their career goals and opportunities. This Cell Conducts guest lectures, career guidance programmes and displays various information regarding career possibilities and placements on the notice board.
  4. Anti-Ragging Cell
    In accordance with UGC regulations, ragging in all forms is banned in DBC. Any violation in this regard will invite serious censures as deemed fit by the College Authority. Anti-ragging Cell is a vigilence body that prevents any misfortunes. The decision of the Cell shall be final and binding.
  5. Emergency Preparedness Cell
    Northeast being a region prone to natural calamities needs special care in emergency preparedness. This Cell prepares the emergency team of the College and conducts from time to time drill and other awareness programmes with the help of NDRF.
  6. Grievance Redressal Cell
    The college provides a Grievance Redressal Cell where genuine grievances can be addressed. A committee of faculty members is appointed to address the issues. Any Bosconian with genuine grievance may approach the Cell or drop a note in the Suggestion Box placed for the same.
  7. Women Cell and Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell
    A team of Lady Lecturers have been constituted for the purpose. They will look into matters concerning the welfare of the girl students and Lady Staffs and address any issues of sexual harrassment (direct or indirect).
  8. Health Care
    An infirmary with basic medical facilities is available in the college. First Aid will be available in the college. Any serious medical requirement will be directed to the general hospital usually at R.K Mission Hospital.