Semester Course Title Course Outcome
Semester – I BPOL – 101  Political Theory- I. The course makes the student to understand the basic ideas on political theory and its various concepts.
Semester – II BPOL – 202  Indian Political System. It provides the students the overall idea on the origin and development of Indian constitution and its importance being a citizen of India.
Semester – III BPOL – 303  International Relations. This course provides the detail knowledge and understanding regarding concepts and dimension of international relations and different theoretical paradigm related to international relations.
Semester – IV BPOL – 404  Comparative Political System. The course provides various information and process of filling RTI, Consumer complain and various procedure of election in India.
Semester – V BPOL – 505 Political Thought- I. This course provided the classical tradition in the political theory with a view to understand how the great thinkers explained and analyzed political events and problems of their times and prescribed solutions to various political and social problems.
BPOL – 506 Dynamics of Indian Political System. This course familiarizes the students further with some other dimensions of the working of Indian political system and its changing natures.
BPOL – 507 India Foreign policy. This course acquaints the students with the foreign policy of India, India’s relation with other countries and its contemporize perspective.
BPOL – 508 Public Administration. This course envisages the students to enable them to understand and analyses the role of Public Administration in the political society.
Semester – VI BPOL – 609 Political Thought – II. This course gives idea to the students regarding Indian traditional and modern political thinkers and the relevance of their thought in the society.
BPOL – 610 Contemporary International Relations. This course provides wide range of Idea and information to the student regarding various events and issues in international relations including various international organizations.
BPOL – 611 Political Theory-II. This course provides the students with the knowledge of the basic concepts and ideological orientations of various political concepts.
BPOL – 612 Government and Politics in Arunachal Pradesh. This course enables the students to understand the poitical dynamics of the state of Arunachal Pradesh.